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    Gary Barnes

    As Founder and C.E.O. of GaryB Real Estate, Gary came to Bahrain with the idea to get involved into the real estate market. It did not take him long to find his feet and is currently in this short period identified as one of the top Real Estate Agencies in the country.

    Originated from South Africa he made his home in the UK but his heart still lies in Africa. Needless to say he loves all types of sport and is still a “diehard” Springbok supporter.

    He comes from a marketing and sales background and has travelled all over the world with extensive Far East manufacturing and import knowledge. Featuring front page magazines for business excellence or a front page sports magazine, he has done it all

    If you’re looking to buy, rent or sell a home in Bahrain and want to work with one of the country’s top Real Estate professionals, you’re in the right place. His slogan, ‘You have to love where you live’ is taken very seriously by him and his Team alike.

    So finally, his door is always open to his customers, friends and landlords where you can come relax with a lot of chit-chat and off course a great cup of coffee made by him ‘his part time passion’

    WhatsApp: +973 3546 3030
    Tel: +973 1700 9111
    Email: gary@garybbahrain.com

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